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AirLoc History

2023 - 70-year anniversary of AirLoc Ltd.

On 1 August 2023, AirLoc AG will turn 70 years old. For 70 years, the company has been developing innovative solutions in the field of vibration engineering, structure-borne sound isolation and machine setup technology.

2018 - AirLoc Ltd. purchased AirLoc LLC, Franklin, MA, USA

AirLoc Ltd., Switzerland, purchased all assets of our partner company AirLoc LLC on February 6, 2018 and transferred them to the newly founded company AirLoc Corporation. This is the first time that the AirLoc brand has been brought together under one roof worldwide.

2016 - AirLoc Schrepfer LTD becomes AirLoc LTD

In line with our global brand strategy and unified brand communication AirLoc Schrepfer LTD was renamed to AirLoc LTD. 

2011 - 100-year anniversary of the Clark-Cutler-McDermott Company

Our partner and manufacturer of vibration isolation pads, Clark-Cutler-McDermott, celebrated its 100-year anniversary on July 20, 2011. For the last 100 years, the company has specialised in sound insulation and interior trims, as well as the manufacture of non-woven textile products for the automotive industry.

2007 - AirLoc Schrepfer receives a new Corporate Identity (CI)

AirLoc Schrepfer has developed a new Corporate Design for its company communications. All documents, such as sales materials, posters and advertisements have been updated and published in the new "style".

2005 - AirLoc Schrepfer expands its international distribution

Our dealer network has grown to 25 representatives, on all 5 continents.

2004 - Introduction of the new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - P2plus

With P2Puls, AirLoc Schrepfer has introduced an advanced ERP software to modernise its IT system. The second stage of development followed in 2012.

2002 - Continuous improvement process

Development and launch of a corporate, transparent and continual improvement process. All employees can put forward suggestions for improvement, playing an important role in the company's success.

1996 - 2001 - New manufacturing facilities

AirLoc Schrepfer opened two new manufacturing facilities, at Industriestrasse 2 and at Schachenstrasse 30 in CH-8618 Oetwil am See, Switzerland.

1995 - AirLoc Schrepfer AG is ISO 9001 certified

After successfully developing a quality management system that complies with the standard ISO 9001, 1995 saw AirLoc Schrepfer AG become ISO 9001 certified for the first time.

1987 - Relocation of sales, administration and logistics

Relocation to the current site at Industriestrasse 2, CH-8618 Oetwil am See, Switzerland.

1986 - Inauguration of our own high-bay warehouse

The centre of our worldwide delivery network is
27 m in length
10 m in height
with a capacity of 1200 pallets weighing 1000 kg each

1978 - First AirLoc isolated foundation is laid

Laying of the first AirLoc vibration-isolation foundation for the ventilation unit of a reinsurance company (Switzerland).

1974 - Relocation to Oetwil am See, Switzerland

Relocation of the manufacturing facilities to Esslingerstrasse, CH-8618 Oetwil am See and construction of our own manufacturing.

1960 - AirLoc Schrepfer expands its international distribution

Establishment of representative offices in Europe and later worldwide. Concentration on AirLoc isolation pads and isolation sets for vibration damping. Development of Jacmount® adjustable levellers and wedge mounts. All components are manufactured externally.

1958 - First contact with Clark-Cutler-McDermott Company

First contact with our current partner, Clark-Cutler-McDermott, Franklin USA for development of high-adhesive isolation pads allowing the free installation of textile machines (anchoring was no longer required). This material replaced the previously required felt underlay. First small success with machine manufacturer Rüti on textile machines, and later also on machine tools.

1954 -  Beginn der Zusammenarbeit von Roland McDermott und Rudolf Schrepfer

1954 - Start of the collaboration between Roland McDermott and Rudolf Schrepfer

Kaspar Laager met Roland McDermott at the American Textile Machine Expo in Greenville, South Carolina and saw the AirLoc Products for the first time. Back in Switzerland, he informed Rudolph Schrepfer of what he had seen in the USA. Schrepfer then met Roland McDermott at the first ITMA (International Textile Machinery Association) Show in Brussels in the autumn of 1954, where the relationship between AirLoc and the Schrepfer company began.

1953 - Founding of the company

On August 1, 1953, the company was founded by Rudolf Schrepfer at 8700 Küsnacht near Zürich. Starting with several employees, the company sold tools for mechanical engineering and machine construction.

1911 -  Gründung von CCMcD. des späteren Partnerunternehmens

1911 - Founding of CCMcD, the later partner company

On July 20, 1911, the company "Clark-Cutler-McDermott" was established by its three founders, Thomas S. McDermott, Walter Clark and William Cutler in Franklin Massachusetts. Initially they produced horse blankets and later other textile products. Their experience in this field later led to the development of the AirLoc vibration isolation pads and thus to the collaboration with AirLoc Schrepfer AG.

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