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The ABC's of machine foundations

Where are machine foundations used?

  • With machines of low inherent stability that depend on additional rigidity provided by the subsoil and that transmit damaging disturbing vibrations to the surroundings.
  • With plant and equipment that comprise several components, that have to be precisely aligned, and that necessitate vibration isolation.

What is the effect of a machine foundation?

If a machine is firmly anchored to the machine foundation, this results in a system that is free to vibrate and that includes the machine mass and the foundation mass. The additional mass of the foundation block results in a reduction in the vibration amplitudes when compared to those of a machine without a foundation. The additional torsional rigidity of the foundation block has a positive effect on the quality and reliability of the machine.

Limits of a machine foundation

Purely from a mathematical point of view the vibration amplitudes decrease as the foundation mass increases. However, this effect has certain limits, on the one hand because the foundation soil cannot withstand an infinite load, and on the other hand because the costs of foundations exponentially increase with an increase in mass.

A vibration-isolated foundation is the optimum solution

In a vibration-isolated foundation the foundation block is decoupled from the foundation soil or from the foundation pit. The incorporation of an elastic layer made of precisely engineered AirLoc isolation pads results in significantly better isolation of the dynamic forces acting on the foundation soil. At the same time the positive effect on improved torsional rigidity of the equipment is fully maintained.
In most cases decoupling makes it possible to reduce the foundation mass when compared to a rigid-base foundation. Overall, an AirLoc vibration-isolated foundation is therefore more economical.

Why decide on an AirLoc vibration-isolated foundation?

  • For each specific application AirLoc isolation pads are individually selected and designed in terms of number and position. When compared to full-surface isolation mats, the AirLoc system takes into account uneven load distribution of supported equipment. This is a prerequisite for achieving the best possible vibration isolation.
  • AirLoc foundation isolation is maintenance-free for the entire service life of the machine.
  • Decades of experience in the field of foundation isolation are indispensable for the correct design and a long service life.
  • More than 50 years of successful project design involving hundreds of foundation systems worldwide provides customers with the assurance of working with a competent partner. Please ask for our list of application references!

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