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Foundation isolations from AirLoc: A convincing comprehensive concept!


One of our key know-how areas is designing custom vibration isolations for any kind of machine foundation. We have designed several hundred foundation isolation systems, even for large-scale foundation blocks of several  thousand  tons. The vibration isolation systems that we designed were manufactured in-house and properly installed at customer premises under our supervision.

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Whether active or passive foundation isolation – at AirLoc you deal with experts!

Active Isolation

Active isolation protects the surroundings against disturbing vibrations caused by operating machines.

Protecting personnel from disturbing vibrations

  • Well-being at the workplace
  • Performance increase of employees
  • Improved quality of life in the workplace environment

Protecting buildings against disturbing vibrations

  • Dynamic forces acting on building components are reduced
  • The service life of buildings is extended

Protecting the surroundings against disturbing vibrations

  • No vibration transmission to the surroundings
  • No disturbance of the neighbourhood during shift work or night work
  • Sensitive equipment or installations in the surroundings remain fully functional

Passive isolation

Passive isolation protects sensitive equipment and instruments against disturbing vibrations from the surroundings.

Protecting sensitive equipment

  • Undisturbed operation of high-precision production-, measuring- and testing equipment
  • More effective planning of production plants
  • Protection against the effects of earthquakes

Our application engineers will be glad to recommend you the optimum solution. Please contact us!

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