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Horizontal supports


AirLoc horizontal supports are an important part of a complete AirLoc machine setup system. Today’s machines have light and compact constructions on the one hand; on the other they have fast cycle times and therefore high dynamic forces. AirLoc horizontal supports help you keep machine movements under control. The installation then remains operationally safe and reliable even in critical situations, for example during an emergency stop.

Spannschuh VC Compact

Wedgmount® Precision Leveler VC Compact

The horizontally operating Wedgmount® Precision Leveler VC Compact can be equipped with different AirLoc isolation pads. In combination with the bracket support L2 it forms a complete horizontal support.

Horizontalabstützungen HZA

Horizontal supports HZA

AirLoc Horizontal supports HZA of different types offer many anchoring possibilities of anchoring and load ranges. They have horizontally mounted Jacmount® Adjustable Levelers.

Our application engineers will be glad to recommend you the optimum solution. Please contact us!

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