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Anti vibration pads

Anti vibration pads

AirLoc’s new generation of anti vibration pads are highly developed materials for solving problems due to vibration and structure-borne noise. The technical and physical characteristics are in line with the latest state of elastomer development and cover application areas that were not possible a few years ago. With our wide range of anti vibration pads, vibration problems common to today’s equipment can be solved economically and efficiently. And of course all AirLoc anti vibration materials are RoHS certified.

anti vibration pads - series 400

400 Series anti vibration pads – the best for outstanding vibration isolation

Outstanding vibration isolation for low-frequency applications. Good resistance to many chemicals and a high coefficient of friction offer a high level of application security and the best protection for your valuable equipment.

Anti vibration pads - Serie 700

700 Series anti vibration pads – universal use for excellent damping

A high level of damping and a very good resistance to oils, lubricants and fuels makes the 700 series iso-
lation pads ideal for modern, cost-effective production machines and machine tools.

anti vibration pads - 900 series

900 Series anti vibration pads – dynamic for greatest load-bearing capacity

For the greatest levelling stability with high dynamic forces.

Serie Composite-Platten

Composite pads series – tried and proven

For a long time proven pads in composite quality for any kind of machine setup.

Serie Gleitschutz- und Höhenausgleichsplatten

Non-skid and shim pads

Proven pads when non-skid properties and height compensation are more important than vibration isolation.


Pad sets

A combination of pad material properties that are not achieved by use of single isolation pads materials.

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