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Custom designed Jacmount® Adjustable Levelers


AirLoc offers its customers the largest selection of Jacmount® Adjustable Levelers that can be delivered on short notice. This gives our customers a technically optimal and economical choice of Jacmount® Adjustable Levelers for different applications. If there are advantages to be gained for our customers in having a custom-tailored solution, our experienced team of engineers can develop a custom Jacmount® Adjustable Leveler that perfectly suits the application or machine. Here you see just a few examples of Jacmount® Adjustable Levelers that have been successfully implemented for specific customer requirements or based on our recommendations.


Special Jacmount® Adjustable Leveler

This levelling element with large adjustment range can be used for all switch cabinet supports of various heights. Machine installations are made easier since only one uniform levelling element is necessary for the different switch cabinet versions. Levelling can be performed very quickly and easily. The floor surface is fitted with a non-skid layer.


Pre levelling base plate

The pre levelling base plate zinc-plated for GLRN 100 - M42 x 1.5 makes it easy to align the element in horizontal direction.

Ask us about our custom solutions for your specific machine or your installation problem respectively! Please contact us!

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