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AirLoc Wedgmount® Precision Levelers KaBloc - subsequently anchorable

KaBloc - nachträglich verankerbar

The AirLoc Wedgemount® Precision Levelers in the KaBloc series permit, without expensive installation templates and measuring of the exact anchoring positions, subsequent anchoring where it is necessary once the system or machine interconnection is completely set up. This means a considerable reduction in anchoring costs.

KaBloc - nachträglich verankerbar

KaBloc - subsequently anchorable, spherical seat

Bolt-on and bolt-through AirLoc Wedgmount® Precision Levelers type KaBloc 203.52V to 203.54V for subsequent anchoring.

KaBloc - QFixx

KaBloc - subsequently anchorable, spherical seat, 500-Qfixx

New compact, bolt-on AirLoc Wedgmount® Precision Levelers type KaBloc 500-Qfixx for subsequent anchoring.

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