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Ceiling supports - Reduce ceiling vibrations

When existing buildings are used for a new purpose, for example when installing new machines, ceilings may quickly reach their permissible load bearing capacity. Another risk is that critical vibrations are caused by the machines as a result of the low natural frequency of the ceilings.

Isolating the machine usually does not provide the desired results. What is required is a higher inherent stiffness of the ceiling achieved through structural changes. The easy-to-install AirLoc ceiling supports are perfectly suited for this. Combined with high-precision wedge mounts they are the ideal solution.

Elastic ceiling supports are installed at points predetermined by means of natural frequency measurements. The supports normally consist of double T-sections fitted with a high-precision wedge mount to at least one end of the section. The wedge mounts, in turn, are lined with AirLoc isolation pads. This means that the previously determined load capacity can be adjusted at any time via the height-adjustable wedge mounts.

Reduce ceiling vibrations



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