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Product overview

Machine mounts EcoFixx

Wedgmount® 504-EcoFixx - fast and precise leveling

The Wedgmount® precision levelers of the type EcoFixx provide a compact and rugged design, a fast and precise leveling with low leveling torque and can be optimaly placed under machines where space is limited.
Wedgmount® EcoFixx - Types


500-QFixx – our new anti vibration mounts

With the new type 500-Qfixx AirLoc offers a very compact and rugged Wedgmount® Precision Leveler.

Isolationspads, Antivibration pads

Vibration isolation pads

AirLoc’s new generation of vibration isolation pads are highly developed materials. Excellent resistance to oil, lubricants and fuels results in ideal materials for isolation pads.

jacmounts, damping mounts, adjustable levelers

Jacmount® Adjustable Levelers

Jacmount® Adjustable Levelers are characterised by their simple and effective construction. A broad range of products makes it easy to select the elements to suit your needs and helps you keep costs down without having to compromise quality.
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Wedge mounts precision leverlers from AirLoc

Wedgmount® Precision Levelers

AirLoc offers the world’s largest selection of Wedgmount® Precision Levelers. Heavy loads of up to 110 tons per Wedgmount® can be quickly aligned to within of 1 / 100 mm accuracy.
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Horizontal supports for machines

Horizontal supports

Today’s machines have light and compact construction on the one hand; on the other they have fast cycle times and therefore high dynamic forces. AirLoc horizontal supports help you keep machine movement under control.



AirLoc accessories are suited perfectly to the AirLoc products, which guarantees a long and reliable service life.

Foundation isolation of machines

Vibration-isolated foundations

Foundations isolation systems provide a machine or group of machines with a rigid support base while protecting the equipment from disturbing vibration inputs.

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