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AirLoc Wedgmount® Precision Levelers KSKC - rigid clamp, spherical seat

KSKC - kraftschlüssig, Kalotte

Rigid clamp AirLoc Wedgmount® Precision Levelers with spherical seat and with the Compact system, the spring tensioning of top and bottom part. The best choice when machines do not require vibration isolation and have to be connected to the floor or foundation prestressed. For machine supports that are rough or for uneven floors, the spherical seat version guarantees a fixed connection to a slope of up to 3°.

KSKC - durchschraubbar

KSKC - rigid clamp, bolt-through, spherical seat

With two eccentric bore holes.

KSKC - zentrisch durchschraubbar

KSKC - rigid clamp, bolt-through, centric, spherical seat

With one centric bore hole.

KSKC - QFixx

KSKC - rigid clamp, bolt-through, spherical seat, 500-QFixx

New compact Wedgmount® Precision Levelers type 500-QFixx.

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