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AirLoc Wedgmount® Precision Levelers VRKC - bolt-through, spherical seat

VRKC - durchschraubbar, Kalotte

The bolt-through AirLoc Wedgmount® Precision Levelers with spherical seat are available with two offset or with one centrally located bore hole as well as the NEW type 500-QFixx.

VRKC - durchschraubbar, Kalotte

VRKC - bolt-through, spherical seat

With two eccentric bore holes.

VRKC - zentrisch durchschraubbar, Kalotte

VRKC - bolt-through, centric, spherical seat

With one centric bore hole.

VRKC - durchschraubbar, Kalotte, QFixx

VRKC - bolt-through, spherical seat, 500-Qfixx

New compact Wedgmount® Precision Levelers type 500-QFixx.

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